Improve your translation services introducing new kinds

Hello there, if you are looking for tips to bring creativity into your translation services, here we got some instructions for you to improve the services you offer on introducing transcriptions to your translation services. What is this all about? Keep on reading and find out.

How can transcriptions make the difference

First thing you need to get identified is about the different ways of translation works that can be made by an agency or company, which are or could be, in the best of the cases, entirely dominated by the translators, but also, they are not hard for them to be learned by them on the way.

Different kinds of translation

If you have a translation agency or company, you will know that a simple translation can go between two languages through written and digital text, this is supposed to be the most common and basic translation service offered by companies.

The equivalent in the listening area would be the dubbing, this is more complex, for it does often involve acting, but not necessary does, for sometimes the dubbing is simply the voice translation and edition of what is said by original characters of a TV program or film.


Introducing a new way to your written translations

Have in mind this: written translations might also involve human voices! You might think “what do you mean?” well this means .mp3 and .mp4 transcriptions. This is about a service you can offer in your company or in your website.

How to introduce transcriptions to your translation service

It is really an easy, quick and profitable process to introduce the transcriptions to your business, to your translation agency and/or website, and here you will find the instructions step by step.

First step: Warning your employees to be prepared

First thing you need to do is to warn your employees a few weeks before introducing transcriptions to the translation services, tell them you are planning to assign them works where they will be supposed to listen to a voice in an audio or video file, and to transcribe what they hear into a word or any office text file.

This way, they will be warned and will be able to prepare their listening skills for the works of transcription, this shall not be that hard for them. You might also give them instructions so if they do not understand something they listen to, they write “UNINTELIGIBLE” on the out file.

Second step: offering the service

After warning your employees, what is next is to offer translation and transcription services on your website and publicities, this is better to be done two or three weeks after the warning to the employees.

Third Step: transcript and translate

When you receive a transcription request, assign it to a translator who dominates the language of the in file and the one it is meant to be translated to, this way he will do it properly.

Now you can start transcribing!