Want to BOOST your business? Hire a translation agency today!

Today is your day! Are you a boss of a growing-up business and want to boost your business? Are you an employee with a mission to give an explosive idea to your superiors? Stop searching right now, for the translation services are your all solution!

It does not matter what exactly does your business work with, every business is based on communication between bosses, employees and customers, and although it might sound obvious, in the communication the crucial element is the language.


How can it be important

There comes a time in the lifetime of a business where it grows enough to top the sales in the mother language. The importance of a translation service is located in the possibility of passing through this limit.
If you hire a translation agency for your business, you might grow it so much, that you can start opening buildings in the outside of the country, hiring foreign employees and selling in foreign coin to foreign customers.

Do not delay your business growing up process

In the story of the internet there are several examples of great pages and social media webs that made only one mistake: Deny themselves to keep evolving. One of these examples is the predecessor of Facebook: MySpace. MySpace used to be one of the first and most famous social webs in the world, but at some point, MySpace denied itself to change and evolve, and a short time later, the social web got abandoned and closed.

If you limit your business’ evolving, the same will happen at some point, so do not let it happen, be open to evolve and grow, let your business go across the international limits, with the help of a Translation Agency, you can get to this goal and save your business from a possible doom.

How EXACTLY to start working with translation services

If you are considering signing translation services (click where) and you want to be completely informed, here you will find some advices for doing so properly. First of all, you should select the language that is going to be the one for boosting your business. It should be a language that is spoken in many countries, so if your business language is English, you next language can be Spanish, that is the next one spoken in most parts of the world.

You can find almost ANY translation service, platform, website, company or agency by a short research with Google. Read enough so you find just the one with exactly the services you are looking for, do not be lazy, read everything and find the perfect for you, it exists.

Once you found exactly the one with the service you need, the exact language, and the price you like the most, what you need to do is to contact them and ask them for what you need. If they are willing to help you and you like their service, you hire them and you pay to them.

What content translate first

It is recommendable for you to start by hiring a service to translate all the publicity of your business, everything that might attract possible new customers; you will need to inform yourself in the website of the specific translation agency to know if they shall translate the entire graphics or only text.

If you are satisfied with the result, good, do not delay your pay to the agency and go to the next step. After all the publicity for your business is translated into the new language, go with your website, do the same, make sure if the agency could translate your site with all the images, formats and graphics or if it would be only the text, in this last case, have some of your graphic designers ready to go.

Once your entire website is translated, go to the manuals and papers that are made to give instructions to the employees.
Start working on the outside If you buy and open a building in the new country, you can send some of your local employees to work there, in case they do not dominate the language of that place, you can hire an interpretation service for them.

Then, having your local employees on the outside, let them receive the translated content, manuals and instructions and start hiring new employees there, with the instructions accurately translated into their language, they will know exactly how to follow your commands and your business will boost.

Something that you should never forget is being aware and in constant communication with the translation agency to know how is your request going, if any delay does appear, have patience, it will for sure be short and necessary.
Most agencies will give you both quality and speed, so read and take one.