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Some information about channels that are broken today

22 diciembre, 2018

If you can see what happens today, operations through mobile telephony have been growing 24% annually since 2013, when the participation of this channel of banking services was reaching only 2.33%. How is this possible so far? Keep reading them and find it out!

What channels of banking are being used today?

Today this figure reaches 4% and its increase is explained by the boom in connectivity, the facilities for payments as more banks are developing fintech (financial platforms through technology) to end the fear of users for the use of this payment method.

In fact, a report prepared by Fintech Latam indicates that the rapid penetration of the Internet and mobile telephony in Colombia will increase the number of users of digital banking by 721% in the next 9 years.

An entire view of the situation

Additionally, a report made by McKinsey on digital banking reveals that over the next five years, about 30 percent of consumers will proactively search for banking products through online platforms.

Returning to the study of the SFC, it is indicated that the amount of operations by cell phones is ‘small’ in comparison with the giant amounts that are traded in other channels. In effect, while through the offices of moved $ 3.323 billion, in mobile telephony were traded ‘only’ $ 6.2 billion.

A bit more of data

Non-monetary payments and operations over the Internet also have an important behavior within the channels most used by Colombians for their relationship with the financial system. The participation of this channel grew by 33% between 2013 and 2016, at an average growth rate of 11% per year.

The number of monetary and non-monetary operations through this medium grew from 1,164,037,167 in 2013 and reached 2,295,131,790 in 2016. The banking correspondents also register a good dynamic, growing by 36% taking into account these last 3 years.

Have this on mind now

It should be noted that attention through the offices has been falling at a rate of 12% per year in the last 3 years, followed by a decrease in the ACH operations (with 2.27% in 2016 compared to 2.50% in 2013) and data measurers, which fell by 10.49% in 2016, compared to 11.34% in 2013.

Some testimonies of what is happening

According to the technology laboratory, Karpersky Lab, the challenges imposed by connectivity have led banks to invest three times more in IT security than other organizations. This trend is due to the fact that financial institutions are under pressure to increase security, since trends such as the growing adoption of mobile banking put the defenses of the IT infrastructure at greater risk of cyber-attacks.

«Although banks do meticulous efforts and allocate resources to defend their perimeters against known and unknown cyber threats, it has been difficult to protect the variety of existing IT infrastructure, from traditional to specialized, ATMs and point terminals. sale» said Karpersky Lab