Translations services in audiovisual projects

Translations are everywhere in our globalized world. Are you aware of how many texts you read or voices you listen that were originally written or spoken in a different language?

Dozens of movies are available to watch at any time in theaters. And hundreds (or even thousands) of series are on TV or on television on demand services. Advertisements from global brands are most of the times translated from English to hundreds of other languages. All this is possible thanks to audiovisual translation.


To launch an audiovisual product to the market there are different options: subtitling, dubbing or voice-over (very used in documentaries). Also, there are other options available for people with visual or auditory deficiencies, such as subtitling for the deaf or audio description. In other cases, scripts need be to translated. Subtitling is preferred in northern European countries, while dubbing is preferred in southern countries. Dubbing is always more expensive as it demands more work from the translators.

The whole audiovisual process involves a wide range of translations starting from the pre-production phase, in which the scripts are translated, revised and adapted. Then, castings for professional speakers or voice actors need to be made. After that the production phases start, in which the announcers or dubbing actors record the scripts provided with professional recording equipment. Finally, in the postproduction phase the sounds are edited and mixed with the music or the videos are subtitled.

Apart from movies, documentaries, series and TV programs, several professional translations are made regarding video games. The video game industry has been growing more and more over the years, expanding its markets to almost every country in the world, being Japan, Germany, the United States, Spain and Korea some of the most important markets. That is why professional video game translation services play a crucial role for video game developers to have the expected success.

Although it may seem a kind of simple translation, it actually needs specialized translators. Also, this video games need to be translated into multiple languages for being able to be marketed in in countries where the original language is not spoken. Translators with extensive experience with a deep knowledge of the specialized terminology of this field are needed to guarantee the quality of the translation.

In addition to translating the game itself, a complete video game translation should include the translation of the video game guide, the instruction manual, the website and the marketing material. Also, they could be accompanied with other translation services such as video game subtitling or video game dubbing service.

Last but not least, audios often need to be translated and transcript. There are basically two option when performing a transcription. In first place, it could be a literal transcription, which means that the audio is transcript word-by-word. In this transcriptions, exactly the same thing that is heard in the audio is written, including phrases, sounds, errors, words that are not finished, among others. It is ideal for judgments, telephone tapping, for example.

The other type of transcription is called normal transcription. In this cases the typical elements of the literal transcription are eliminated so that a clean text is easy to read.

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